We use data and technology to combine the science of Artificial Intelligence and the innovation of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The result – we uncover and define powerful insights reflecting the true unarticulated needs of your consumer.

We call this
Hacking Human Behavior.

You'll call it success.

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of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to approach them. (Source: Accenture)

Why? Companies still rely on the “traditional approach” when marketing to consumers believing that 15 people in a room can decide what 15 million people want to buy. Their go-to-market strategy is linear, time- and resource-intensive, built on basic consumer demographics, uses the default media toolbox and operates on the notion that consumers are simply viewers. We realized the traditional approach doesn’t reflect reality – the world has changed. So have we.

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Like it
or not,

your consumers are steering the ship. Millions of conversations are taking place online across your category, talking about your brand and your competition.

We seize the power of Big Data and analyze these unfiltered, consumer conversations using Artificial Intelligence and IBM Watson’s Cognitive Engine. Our expert analysts uncover 7 dimensions of consumer behavior – from segmentation, product adoption and journey maps, to personality insights and more – to uncover opportunities you are missing and not even realizing.


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That’s how often a consumer behavior needs to be mentioned in online conversations before we start paying attention.

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Mining insights is not enough.

That’s why our Hacking Human Behavior model blows up the traditional approach and uses data science to go right to capturing relevance in the minds of your targets to generate conversation, drive influence, and motivate action.

It’s about being faster, stickier, more effective and more efficient. We begin with a Go Team Workshop with your team to develop a connected, compelling and creative go-to-market approach that connects your brand with consumers at the right place and right time.

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Big ideas that
break conventions.

A marketing activation program driven by the consumer. And maximized budgets.

You don’t just need traditional advertising, PR or media solutions. You need a Hacking Human Behavior partner who will produce a breakthrough plan that delivers on consumer insights. We’ll find new channels, new efficiencies, new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of driving results. Faster and more efficiently than any traditional PR or ad shop out there.

Now, let's get to work.

The future of consumer-driven marketing starts now.

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